Please note that Retro Africa will be closed from Friday, September 17toFriday, October 15.

You can however join us for VOLTA Basel's September edition, where the gallery will be presenting a solo, both new paintings and sculptures by Alimi Adewale from September 20 – 26, 2021.

We look forward to seeing you when the gallery reopens!

Alimi Adewale through his ideas and practice responds to the invincible; what can only be felt (not seen), like love and divinity. Completely transcendental, it is about a yearning to establish connection between us and our dead, and us and those we are waiting to be born, as an essential step to establishing our identity and sense of purpose as Africans. This body of work; an act of re-appropriation is grounded in the understanding and belief that sustainable positive change can only be achieved when innovations are crafted from a knowledge of history and endemic cultural knowledge. 

Drawing inspiration from Picasso, Modigliani and Giacometti who appropriated African art, Alimi re-appropriates as a contemporary measure of self expression, illustrating paradigm shifts and changing faces of the contemporary African society, as a form of subversion and an act of overcoming dispossessive forces of imperialism.

Alimi Adewale’s inspirations and experimental ideas provide the basic framework for this text, helping to put both the art discussed, and the critical arguments developed in response to the said art in perspective. It must also add that these instances of re-appropriation shouldn't be seen as an embrace of European cultural hegemony, but a subversion of imperialism and a cultural commentary alluding to repatriation of looted African art. 


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