Alimi Adewale is a painter and sculptor whose work explores various aspects of urbanisation, and the condition of everyday man within the context of this phenomenon. In richly textured “sculptural” portraits and landscapes, often rendered in oil on canvas or in mixed media involving photography and acrylic paint, he combines elements of minimalism and abstraction to evoke the movement, tensions and intensity inherent in the cosmopolitan environment. His nudes, meanwhile, probe the unacceptability of the idea of the nude figure in art, especially in African art, while his sculptures examine the experiential function of art in relation to the traditional function of African sculpture.

His recent solo exhibitions include Sprawling Cities, Retro Africa, Abuja (2017), Restrictions,Galleri Astley, Uttersberg, Sweden (2016); Divergence, Alara, Lagos, Nigeria(2015); and Megalopolis, Just Africa, Stockholm, Sweden (2015). He was the Artist in Residence at Konstepidemin, Sweden, in September/October 2016 and at Miliki, Lagos, in March/April 2017

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