Lagos, Nigeria


Olarinde Olayemi Ayanfeoluwa, hails from Ikirun, Osun State Nigeria. Born on September 9, 1996, she studied Microbiology at the University of Lagos. She’s an expressive visual artist gifted with various styles of art; scribbles, doodles, paintings etc. but majors in scribbling which she is known for. Emoting through the ranging thickness of her scribbling, she finds harmony in jaga-jaga (crooked lines) which became a skillset forged from the heat of frustration along the path to self-discovery upon which she found her truth. She goes with the idea of building/creating crooked lines into something meaningful, this was inspired on the basis of the truth and the core of our existence, that we’re all beautiful imperfections despite our flaws. Creating Harmony from disharmony and sense from nonsense.

Ayanfe exploits her use of several medium including ink, paint, wire, and discarded objects with which she makes up-cycled artworks, while using some to create textures for her scribble artworks. Ayanfe gathers colossal inspiration from herself, personal experiences, the society, and music. Her artistic dynamism connects the viewers to said issues in more perspectives than one. Her ‘‘Dem Bobo’’ series is one of the highlights of her growth, as it shared light on the socio-economic challenges faced by creatives in Nigeria. It had a huge impact on the creative scene globally, creating awareness across continents. Her artworks are represented globally, haven landed on platforms like Reuters, NowThisNews, CNN, Euro news, Konbini, RADR Africa, and more. She has also participated in group exhibitions in Lagos. Her art has highlighted the need for socio-economic changes through her series. Environmental awareness and impartation has also enhanced with contributions through her up-cycled works. Reducing the level of waste dumping in Lagos, and converting scraps to art. Currently, she is experimenting on her next series. An optical illusion series to help curb or reduce the intake of substance/drug. Ayanfe is also a photographer, with love for expressing art through conceptual and fashion photography. She has collaborated with fashion brands such as; FiaFactory, Lady Billionaire, Bearded Genius, MoreofMors, etc. Ayanfe is also a part of the Live-in Desires photo exhibition currently showing at freedom park. She uses her skills to impact society and the individuals as well with her NGO (Charity with Art) which focuses on discovering less privileged individuals with keen interest in art and nurturing them. She also served as an instructor for the Museum for contemporary arts Lagos, art classes in August 2019.

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