Lagos, Nigeria


Raji Bamidele is synonymous with hyper-realism but that’s just a single story. One can add his own genre of art, ‘Afro-Contemporealism'. There is always a traditional representation either with symbols that takes the viewer back to the roots either in contemporary times or centuries ago. Nevertheless, Raji answers the global call that transcends his tribe but skillfully brings it back home as he takes ownership of each piece and its elucidation. You would assume that this is the zenith, then comes the interplay of natural laws, mathematical and scientific principles giving an exposé into his person. Raji Bamidele is a modern / contemporary artist who is largely concerned with the contrast in texture, lighting, as well as with details, creates individual pieces depicting portion of his plane. His experiences as a young man has been molded to form the bedrock of his inspiration.

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