Yusuff Aina Abogunde (b. 1997) is a Nigerian born Multidisciplinary artist who works using a medium called AINAISM- a technique of creative lines, African patterns and symbols. Ainaism is derived from the name AINA, a name given to a child born with the umbilical cord wrapped around him or her.

The lines in his works brings to mind the pressures the child faces in the womb, the freedom he gets at birth and the struggles he continues with in his lifetime. He merely projects the black power (Africanism),sociopolitical situations and to unveil human struggles with identity,isolation and survival of people in the world ,just as appears in my works.

Also to help change the mindset of people in their everyday way of life and that can affect them positively. Yusuff was born in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. He started his art career from a very young age, and descipled to developing his self- taught style till his currently state of art.Studied Fine and Applied Arts Education and Federal College of Education (T) Akoka, Lagos.

He has showcased his works at The State House Presidential Villa Abuja for the presidential Inauguration curated by Retro Africa Gallery ,The Lagos Art Expo 2017, TY Work Space Group Exhibition, auctioned at 3A Auction 2017, and has his murals at several firms and spaces in Lagos (mainland and Island). He's has been featured in magazines such as The Spark, Visual Magazines, Vanguard News ,ZIKOKO magazine and so on. Yusuff Aina believes art is a process and a vision to greatness of a better life and love in the society.

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