Nadine Ibrahim

About speaker

Nadine Ibrahim is a filmmaker, Director and founder of Naila Media, based in Nigeria,  a Multi-media company involved in the production of Film, Documentary, Advertising and Corporate videos. She has a love for portraiture, emotion and the subject, which has framed her work today. Some of her notable work includes projects for the United Nations and Fictionless films. She was the associate producer for Hakkunde, a production about a Southern Nigerian who encounters Northern culture for the first time. Her short documentary film Through Her Eyes was released in 2017. It tells the story of a Azeeza, a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped and became a suicide bomber. The film was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival and was nominated in the short film category at the Africa International Film Festival. For the media group EbonyLife films and television she used film to tell stories of the ethnic groups of northern Nigeria.

Nadine’s most recent documentary short film “Marked”, which she worked on for two years and was inspired by the marking on her aunt's face, made its debut at the Aké Festival in Lagos in 2019. It deals with traditional scarification, which is widespread in Nigeria but also a taboo subject, however, the beauty aspect of it was what Ibrahim wanted to champion. She loves bringing people's ideas and stories to life - it is what fulfils her as an artist.