As part of its efforts to build and strengthen relations with actors and stakeholders within the digital and cultural sectors, the Institut français du Nigéria is bringing Digital November / Novembre Numérique to Nigeria for the first time. This international festival of digital cultures is organized by the Institut français (headquarter) and theFrench cultural network abroad, on all five continents. In 2019, France in Nigeria decided to be part of this program and organize events in Abuja(November 7th to 9th) and Lagos (November 28th to December 1st). In Abuja, the Institut français du Nigéria partners with Ventures Platform and Retro Africa to present a program titled “Go Digital”.

Commencing on Friday, NOVEMBER 8th, Go Digital will showcase works by the following artists: Jeremiah IKONGIO’s “Power-less” using interactive web database, augmented reality and spatial installation to invite the audience to experience what it means to live without electrical power, the ground-breaking film "Hello, Rain" by CJ OBASI will be featured in our video art room, four series of photography as well as an installation by therenowned digital and conceptual artist Ade Adekola, who creates contemporary representations from traditional and urban Nigerian culture, UcheOkpa-Iroha’s ‘Isolated’series, an internationally renowned body of work candidly capturing the essence of life on streets of Lagos, and "The Realities of Demas" in Virtual Reality by Joel Kachi Benson, a short VR documentary exploring the work of renowned Nigerian architect and designer,Demas Nwoko. The film takes viewers on a virtual journey through some of the most iconic spaces and designs of one of Nigeria’s pioneer artists.


Retro Africa Gallery - Asokoro, Abuja – Nigeria

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